Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tips and How to Take Care Car Brakes

Tips and how to care for your car brakes is important to know for those who have a car. Because the brakes are one of the most important components in a car that serves as a tool to curb your car. Condition of the brakes on your car can be depending on you to take care of her the way. If you ignore this car brake maintenance then maybe the performance was not optimal. And of course it could threaten the safety of motorists and other people around you. Such as some cases of accidents that occurred due to brake failure.

Disc Car Brakes also depends on the way we drove the car and the condition of the highways are jammed from day to day. This car brakes for the treatment itself was not too difficult as long as we know how to care for a good car brakes and correct. Despite the fact that the car brakes do take care of yourself a little hassle because you have to remove all four wheels of your car. In the car, there are two types of brake disc and drum brake.

    Every week you are obliged to check the condition of the brake fluid that is not empty. In the event of a reduction of the minimum brake fluid should be checked if a leak on the line / hose brake fluid your car. Because in normal conditions, the reduction of car brake fluid does not happen quickly. Car brake fluid decreased with the depletion of auto brake.

Recommendations from the car manufacturers, generally the brake fluid should be replaced after about 40,000 miles or 2 years. But this applies to the use of the car under normal conditions. But if the performance of the car brakes heavy or high frequency of use of brakes due to the traffic jams then it should be replaced sooner for more details, consult with your subscription workshop.
For disc brakes: Next off the brake / pad from the holder and use coarse sandpaper, brushes or brush to clean a surface. Then use a special carbon brake cleaners or commonly called (Brake Cleaner) or if you want to also frugal with gasoline use. After that give Grease, grease or lubricants in metal holder on the rear brake. This should be done with care not to hit the surface of the brake that is directly in contact with the disc. After that you can replace the brake pads.
For drum brakes: Remove the lid drum first. After that step to do the same as it cleans the brake discs with sandpaper or a special cleaning fluid brakes. Then put the cap back drum according to its original state.

That tips and how to care for the car brakes if you want to do it themselves. But if you still doubt the accuracy of your work it should take care of the car brake repair shop left to the experts in your subscription.